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 Are you overwhelmed with your Medicare options and the amount of mail you are receiving? WE CAN HELP! Let our independent, experienced agents eliminate the hassle for you. We are paid by the company YOU select---NOT YOU!  
​Insurance for Seniors & Disabled, LLC is an independent insurance agency that serves senior citizens and persons with disabilities in NC and SC. We help clients with their Medicare-related concerns and other healthcare concerns.

IS&D recognizes that these groups need specialized services. Having expert advisors help navigate available health plans is important. And after the health plan is chosen, IS&D promises to continue to be available for any Medicare-related issues you may have. Service after the sale is our hallmark.

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  1. One-one-one Consultations Available
    One-one-one Consultations Available
    During these sessions, the insurance agent listens and understands your needs and wants. The agent will take notes, ask questions, search drug formularies, and locate your physician in the network.
  2. Medicare Options
    Medicare Options
    The insurance agent carefully explains the benefits you will get from each of the plans he presents. He will explain the benefits in straightforward terms, eliminating much of the “legalese” that is confusing to many. He will explain all of your responsibilities.
  3. Insurance Expertise
    Insurance Expertise
    Our agents are highly skilled to provide the proper guidance to ensure you make informed choices. We are all licensed by the State (NC or SC) you reside in.
  4. Implement Plan
    Implement Plan
    The agent will enroll you and make sure all the documentation is processed in an accurate and timely manner to seamlessly effect your desired enrollment date.
  1. Who We Are
    Who We Are
    We are an independent insurance agency that specializes in Medicare insurance. We are here to help you make an informed decision!
  2. What We Provide
    What We Provide
    Our agents fully explain the benefits of each plan presented. It will be a clear and simple explanation. He can also enroll you in the plan you choose.
  3. Contact Us
    Contact Us
    If you need individualized and expert assistance (no cost to you), please fill out your contact information below, call Insurance for Seniors & Disabled at (864) 307-8484, or send an email to [email protected] An agent will return your call or email in a timely fashion.
  1. "Gary and his team are so professional and knowledgeable.  If you don't understand something, they explain it in such a way that it becomes clear.  Additionally, if you need one of them to go to bat for you with the insurance company or even Medicare--they do it every time."

    -Ronnie Hudson

  2. "Gary and his team take the extra time with you that makes you feel special.  You never feel like they are rushing you or do not value you as a customer and friend.  When you call them, THEY RETURN YOUR CALL PROMPTLY! "

    -Donnie Wilson

  3. "Gary's people don't just make the initial sale and then forget about you.  They contact you at least annually and always keep you aware of plan changes.  They will change your plan every year if you want them to! "

    -Carolyn Burns
  4. "Gary and his staff of independent agents and administrative support has helped me over the years.  I require more than average service since I have very serious and rare health issues.  Gary and company are always there for me, whenever I need them."

    -William Harris
  5. "I routinely refer Gary's company to anyone I know who needs assistance with Medicare.  I have never had one of them who did not thank me later!"

    -Ginger Babb

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