Insurance For Seniors And Disabled

What Our Customers Say About Our Service
Gary and his staff of independent agents and administrative support has helped me over the years.  I require more than average service since I have very serious and rare health issues.  Gary and company are always there for me, whenever I need them.  William Harris

Gary's people don't just make the initial sale and then forget about you.  They contact you at least annually and always keep you aware of plan changes.  They will change your plan every year if you want them to!     Carolyn Burns

Gary and his team take the extra time with you that makes you feel special.  You never feel like they are rushing you or do not value you as a customer and friend.  When you call them, THEY RETURN YOUR CALL PROMPTLY!  Donnie Wilson

Gary and his team are so professional and knowledgeable.  If you don't understand something, they explain it in such a way that it becomes clear.  Additionally, if you need one of them to go to bat for you with the insurance company or even Medicare--they do it every time.  Ronnie Hudson

I routinely refer Gary's company to anyone I know who needs assistance with Medicare.  I have never had one of them who did not thank me later!  Ginger Babb